Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Just re-reading that last post fills me with anxiety. I don't want my new life here to start out that way.

Some interesting things I've learned:

Having a washer/dryer in the basement brings a whole new level of freedom. I didn't think it would matter, but it hits at odd times - like when I brought home a few days of dirty clothes from the gym yesterday, and realized I didn't have to toss them into the hamper to wait until my next big trip to the cleaners. And I can wash my own bras on the delicate cycle and carry them upstairs to hang dry!

Having a dishwasher is fun. I've never had one before (except briefly as a teenager) and of course I get one now, just when my green footprint is being measured at every turn, and the guilt of using it is high. But it's small and so fills easily. And it was a pleasure to unpack dishes and glasses that were wrapped in newspaper and fill the racks to get rid of the newsprint smudges.

Having excess closet space is amazing. I worry slightly that it means I'll start to hoard and over-stuff, but hopefully realizing that upfront will keep it in check. I am trying to be as organized as I can, and am enjoying the fact that things I used to have to stash in corners of the old apartment (yoga mat, bags of yarn, children's books) can have their own happy home on a shelf or in a bin in the closet. I may wind up spending more money at Target and Container Store than anywhere else during this move.

My first night here was noisy, with footsteps everywhere, yet since it's been really quiet, like everyone went away for a long weekend. On the first morning the footsteps of the couple upstairs were so loud I began to feel nostalgic for the old apartment. But I haven't heard them since.


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