Sunday, February 10, 2008

On hold with Time Warner Cable

No, not another service issue. I am merely trying to schedule an appointment for my move. Apparently, I get to move my own equipment but they'll send someone over to the new place to make sure all is up and running. I figure I should schedule it now before getting there and learning there is something wrong and a 2 week wait. (The current owners have both digital cable and internet, both presumably in working order, so there is that.)

Very interesting piano music for their hold music. I would probably suggest something a little less up-tempo, as it does make one a bit jittery. There is a reason for Musak - it is somewhat calming.

I have decided to take off all of next week (starting Presidents' Day, although we don't get it off in exchange for the Friday before Memorial Day), to make up for losing next weekend as a painting weekend. Even though the closing and the sellers' move-out is a week later than expected, I decided not to push my own move back a week. Partly because prices increase in the last week of the month, partly because I need to get it done.

Oh, that was a short hold period. I guess early Sunday morning is a good time to get through! Turns out I can't make an appointment or do anything in connection with transferring service until the existing occupants cancel their service. You know, I have not moved in a very long time and I am going to have to figure it out for gas and electric, also - the timing of the switch.

But not phone. Mr. & Mrs. Gen Y don't have a landline phone, so it's all up to me. I've already confirmed with Verizon that I can keep my existing phone number. Of course I am going to send out moving announcements with that understanding, and I'm sure will then find out that it's not true.


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