Saturday, February 16, 2008

Other stuff

Thankfully, I can't access the Boxerjam servers from inside my office, or I'd be playing games whenever I'm on a conference call (which is often.)

* * *

I don't understand why Congress oversees hearings on steroid use in baseball. Isn't there a court system for this? Doesn't Congress have better things to focus on, oh, like health care and war and poverty and the economy?

* * *

The young guy has returned to the Korean market. He seemed genuinely happy as customers greeted him and welcomed him back. He told me he was visiting his grandmother.

* * *

I am meeting a friend for lunch. He told me he'd already be in Brooklyn, so it would be easy to meet. Now he's emailed me that he's staying near the J train. The J train is one of the handful that I am clueless about, namely because it doesn't connect any major destination points for me. In fact, it barely goes into Manhattan. Of course, it strikes its own lonely path across another part of Brooklyn, too, so for he and I to meet, he would have to go back into Manhattan and switch to another train (one of many, as my neighborhood is served by several different, and major, lines.) I love how people assume that "Brooklyn" means everything is within walking distance.

* * *

The episode of "Lost" the other night had me shouting, "Oh, shit" several times. I am so glad the show is back.


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