Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rudy, the Giants, and Hell

I saw Rudy Guiliani on the street today. He looked like a cartoon character - that wide grin, that bigger than life strut. He was wearing a very form-fitting suit and looked like he couldn't move his arms. Very odd.

I had just voted. I made my choice based on one issue only. I fear that I was also influenced by my brother, who told me his reasoning for the same candidate. I say "I fear" because I sometimes think I am easily swayed by him, that because he's smarter than me (or at least more well-read and well-versed in politics; I think I could beat him in a math or logic puzzle contest), I take whatever he says as the truth without bothering to look into it myself. I am lazy that way sometimes.

I am happy with my vote, though. My mother told me she's voting for the other Democrat so we will cancel each other out. My brother (who's in another state anyway) isn't eligible to vote as he's registered as an Independent.

My day involved many many subway rides - from home to the midtown hotel where I am helping to manage our firm's booth at a trade show, then back down to my downtown office to pick up a package that was shipped to me late, then back to midtown to drop off the package, and then finally, back in a subway home to work from home the rest of the day. And, I have to go back in for my writing group meeting today.

The train from midtown to downtown at 11:00 am was filled with Giants fans, on their way to the parade. The energy was good, upbeat, positive, contagious. Kids on their fathers' shoulders, teenage girls chanting, "Giants, Giants!" Almost everyone in bright blue jerseys over their jackets.

I walked away from them to trek across the West Side Highway and felt like I wanted to cry. I don't know why. I am very much on edge because I don't yet have a closing date (still!) and it's driving me crazy. I can't think about it or I'll go crazy.


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