Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Service hell

I love my new apartment, and yet being in it fills me with anxiety. Why you ask? Because I am surrounded by constant reminders of how both Verizon and Time Warner are incapable of solving my service issues: a dead phone, a silent cable modem, a TV with a handful of channels, a broken DVR.

It just doesn't end: on Monday when I called to check on the phone, I was told that they'd showed up to fix it but I wasn't home, so left. I was told to be home on Tuesday from 8-12. I was, and despite a few calls throughout the morning to check in, was finally told they might come as late as 6, and to hang tight. When nothing happened by 5:15, I called again and was told that nobody would be coming, and furthermore, whoever told me I needed to be home was wrong. So again, every person you reach tells you the others are either liars or mistaken (and they, in turn, insisted the same.) How do you win? I keep asking, can we just get to the crux of it - how can I get service from you? No straight answer. I would switch my phone service to Time Warner, but that is obviously just as screwed up.

I don't understand it. What am I doing wrong? I've tried being tough and demanding, light-hearted and upbeat, and desperate and pleading. They get different reactions, but none actually fixes anything. Is it being a single woman? If a man called would he get a different level of response?


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