Sunday, February 17, 2008

Up on a Sunday morning

I have butterflies. Started last night, now fluttering at record speed. More like it's the first day of a new job or a new school, than the day I will stand and give a speech in front of thousands. Excitement.

I plan on going to the gym when it opens at 8. This doesn't sound like a difficult endeavor, right? Oh, naivety. Last weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday, the person scheduled to open the gym didn't show, and nobody else had keys so everyone stood outside in the cold, waiting. On Sunday I gave up at 9:30; I'd only been there for about 20 minutes, but others had stayed for the full 90 minutes.

Today after my workout, I'll shower and go to Starbucks (one of the few things that lies between the gym and my new home) and prepare to walk over to meet the former owners.

Sun is shining.


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