Sunday, March 23, 2008

Anticipation, another time

Waiting for guests to arrive is always unbearable for me. I have to keep jumping up to do something I'd missed (hide the kids' easter bags, replace the liner in the kitchen garbage can, put on lipstick.) It's so different here, too, as I am at the back of the building with no view to the street or any passing cars. No sound of slamming car doors to make me dart to the window to see if it could be them. Just sitting here listening to the tinkle of the aquarium (the water is low and in dire need of a change) and the rising hum of the tea kettle. (I am attempting to make coffee with my new french press coffee maker - since I (supposedly) don't drink coffee anymore, I'd gotten rid of the big clunker long before I moved. But I don't make coffee at home, ever, even if I am ducking into Starbucks more often than is healthy. Too late I realize, you are not supposed to use fully boiling water, just hot water. Oops.)

Sounds in the hallway. Not for me.


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