Monday, March 03, 2008

Balance in the universe

I have a phone! A real, working, landline phone. I had to come home to meet the repairman, but I had a non-booked afternoon, he was willing to sit outside my apartment in his truck until I did (he had "nothing better to do"), and it was painless quick. (The sticking point all along was that there was a ledge broken on the telephone pole that made it unsafe for anyone to climb and get to my line - the last 10 days were spent trying to get someone to fix the ledge.)

But naturally, my cable is now wonky. My beautiful HD DVR, the fourth one they've given me since August 31, has hard drive issues. So I will be here on Friday morning to greet another Time Warner service person to get a new DVR. The last guy told me that all he does all day long is replace these boxes, as they are pieces of crap. You'd think it would cost them enough in service call man hours that they could just provide better quality ones. At this rate, I will have had a new one almost every billing period - they might as well just send me a new one with my bill each month.


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