Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today is the day I choose to fly, on the Delta Shuttle, all of which are MD-80s.

Did you know that the morning after the liquid explosives scare, when they immediately banned liquids on flights? Yeah, I flew that morning, too.

My karma is right on, once again.

My 10:30 flight was cancelled (although not until 11:00 - the mechanics were supposedly still doing the inspection), the 12:30 flight had been cancelled much earlier, so I had to wait for a 1:30 flight. That's 3 additional hours in the airport. And if you've ever taken the Delta Shuttle out of LaGuardia, you'll know that it's not really at the airport, but at the Marine Air Terminal which boasts nothing more than a snack bar and free magazines ("Laptop"? "Cigar Aficionado"?) and newspapers (okay, the NY Times.)


Tomorrow promises a "wintry mix" on top of any lingering MD-80 issues. Should I just leave now?


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