Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Saturday

Am I not posting as much because I don't have as much to whine about? Oh, that would be sad.

I'm busy. That's really it. I'm happily fixing up my apartment (hung a full length mirror on the back of the bedroom door yesterday - without a mishap!) and busy at work, and fairly content. Not that all is rosy, because that would be boring.

Ventured down to the old building today to pick up my mail from another tenant. It was odd, because she came all the way down from the 4th floor to let me in, without my mail, expecting me, I guess, to go up to her apartment. I guess she was being hospitable, and maybe I should have been more gracious about it, but I didn't like being back in the old building, didn't like trudging up the dirty stairs past my old door. It felt wrong, and just seemed ultimately weird that she wouldn't have carried the mail down to me, since she was coming down anyway. Is she lonely?

I need to stop spending money. I have only one paycheck between me and the first mortgage payment. I tried doing my taxes and was horrified to see I owed over $700 in federal taxes. It feels really wrong, and I plan on trying it again, blank slate, hoping the numbers will jiggle themselves enough to come up with a different answer. And, I won't be getting the special refund this spring/summer, either. They lowered the maximum salary enough that I'm not eligible. Sigh.

Did I mention how much I love my new apartment? Tomorrow I have company, and am prepping to show it off. I need to mop and vacuum tonight, but otherwise it's pretty neat and clean already. When you care about something, you take good care of it, you know?

Since I am having people over, including small children, I am in an Easter mode. My opinion is that if you aren't especially religious or have children, Easter is an invisible holiday. It's not like you get any extra days off or anything. (Most of us, I mean, who already have Sundays off.) But this year I am buying up little plastic eggs and flower cookies and bunny card games. I even bought an assortment of pastel M&Ms from the M&M bar at Toys R Us - although I've proceeded to eat them all since. Somewhere in my cupboard is a bag of jelly beans, but I've forced myself to forget where they are, at least until tomorrow.

Today I saw "The Bank Job." I'll save my thoughts on it for later.


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