Saturday, March 01, 2008

On call

I just went down to the basement (which involves walking out the front door, down the stoop, and down a few steps under) and when I stopped on my way back inside to pick up the neighbors' newspapers that were stacked on the top step, a woman walking by sang out, "Good morning!" Is the whole block this friendly?

The sun is shining; it was supposed to be rainy.

I have two deliveries and a service call today: a box spring, a bed, and the cable company. I have posted my cell phone and apartment number at the front door (with the security of extra tape) so that none mistakenly (despite my instructions to their dispatchers and customer service people) call my phantom landline. I will not let Verizon ruin something else. (No phone yet, of course. I have a full name and direct phone number for a manager but she was still working on it Friday. I discovered, too late, a call from the Brooklyn engineers - of course they called me on my non-working line, because that makes a whole lot of sense when I've repeatedly given both cell and work numbers. Sigh.)

I am poised to jump for buzzer or ring. Who will come first?


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