Saturday, March 08, 2008

Rainy days and Saturdays

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk (here at home, not the office), and glanced to the window at my side and was greeted with the underside of a squirrel as he ran up and down the metal grated gate that is attached to my window. I love having my desk by the window. In the last apartment the view was over a busy street into the windows of the building across from me. Here it's a fire escape beyond which is a large tree, bare this time of year, but already sprouting small reddish buds - it will be interesting to see how green and leafy my view becomes. Beyond that are small backyards which I can only see if I stand and peer down, and beyond that are the backsides of other apartment buildings. The yards make a bit of a courtyard - very "Rear Window" ish.

I don't know how I feel about the metal grate on the window. For one, it is fairly tightly meshed and so blocks light. It can be swung open over the fire escape, though. It's purpose is security, although it has no actual lock, just an inside latch. Still it's a bit awkward to slide open, and in the panic of a fire, I could imagine myself not getting it open. I think it might actually be illegal to block the fire escape this way.

I am sleeping better now, in my new bed and new home, with relatively uninterrupted sleep, but I still rise early. 5:30 today.

I am looking forward to a peaceful weekend, settling back into a routine. Packing is pretty much done - all that remains are the pictures for the walls, and I don't want to do them yet. I need to live with the space and the furniture layout before making wall decisions.

I need to see a movie this weekend! I saw one last weekend, for the first time in a long time (2008 is off to a slow start!) "Be Kind, Rewind" - I'll have to opine about it later.


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