Saturday, April 12, 2008

As random as it gets

My new bed has a box spring, something I haven't had in many years. Seeing it peek out from under my quilt, I was reminded of the reason that bed-skirts were invented. No problem, I had a Macy's coupon, and found a nice plain white eyelet-edged one on sale. Trouble is my bed now looks like its slip is showing.

* * *

For years I have kept a fuzzy videotape of a TV show I loved, "Flying Blind," which aired in 1992 during the early years of Fox. It starred a pre-Duchovny Tea Leoni and a pre-Ellen Clea Lewis (my god, get that woman on a new comedy series), and featured quick-fire comedy dialog that I've yet to see since. (Typically along the lines of, "I haven't been so embarrassed since the guy I was dating made me hide in the shower when his wife unexpectedly came home early when her girls-night-out was canceled after the Hot Stud strip club was closed for serving minors.") (Not a real bit, I made it up, but that's the rhythm.)

It was canceled after one season (apparently viewers couldn't buy the premise that the hot Tea would stay with the geeky guy played by Corey Parker), and has never been on DVD. But every now and then I search, and recently found someone who is selling DVDs of the series, which he illegally created from videotapes. So I bought one, and it's as you expect - the quality is all over the place, often nearly impossible to see, sometimes pretty clear. (Watching on a large screen LCD doesn't help.) But the jokes are still there, and the haunting theme song ("A Million Miles Away" sung by David Byrne"), and the memories.

* * *

There is a blind man on my block, with a seeing-eye dog. His dog doesn't seem very good. He's always asking it to do things that it doesn't seem to understand (like "find the entrance.") I feel strange just walking by when it looks like he is having trouble, but I think it's one of those situations where he needs the dog to learn so that it will do it right next time. I know that when a seeing-eye dog is with its (sighted) trainer, you are requested not to speak to or touch the dog, since he's working. I imagine this is the case here.

On the other hand, the guy might really just want someone to jump in and help.

* * *

The pigeons on my air conditioners are driving me insane. They dance and strut as if they like the sound of their talons striking the metal. (Note: I don't.) They call out to each other in that moaning wail that sounds like they are dying. I may have to buy plastic owls to set on the tops of the air conditioners.


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