Friday, April 04, 2008

Matchmaker, matchmaker

I think I've mentioned that I signed up at a singles website, years ago, a hippy-green-organic one, that was supposed to be my remedy for the terribly-materialistic ones out there. Only of course I discovered that I am not hippy enough, that I fall into a weird chasm that doesn't fit well with either. The hippy guys are just too weird for me.

And, apparently old. I haven't received an email from that site in months (I don't have a picture or a paid membership, so men can only send me a "hello" message which I have to accept in order to have a real dialog), but one came in last night. A 67 year old man. Now, that's older than my mother. The same age as my father - wait, no, checked the photo again, and it's not dad. But come on. I know that 40 year old men think that they should be able to get 22 year old women, but don't they ever grow out of it? I guess not, or we 40-something women would be up shit's creek.

Oh, wait.

Ah, cynicism. But seriously, I just checked and the previous two emails I received were from men 57 and 55. I guess that's better, but... why is it so difficult to find an age appropriate man whose okay with my (which is the same as his) age? I don't know any 20-something women (and I work with many) who think that a 40-something man is ideal for her. In fact, they grimace and do some of the same math I did above with Mr. 67 (hi, dad!) So what gives?

I have to update my profile, add a photo, post it on another site. There must be one that's more middle of the road. Maybe I'll say I'm looking for 20-something men - now that there's a hip name for that ("cougar!") and Demi Moore made it cool and sexy, maybe I'll score.

PS My father is currently dating an "older" woman. I don't know how much older, but since he has taken pains to announce it, I'm guessing he's no stranger to the notion that his playing field extends significantly below his current age, according to online (real life) expectations.

PPS Sigh.


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