Friday, April 11, 2008

Waiting, waiting

Not a good sign when you walk into your doctor's waiting room:
All seats are taken.

Another bad sign:
The woman sitting next to you is not only sound asleep, but snoring.

But, let's play detective, and search out more clues:
The receptionist is so tired of being asked "How much longer?" that she's busying herself making random calls around the hospital, making idle chitchat. "What are you having? Okay, I'll have the penne, too." This is not her usual behavior (nor, obviously, your first time in the office) as she is always very professional and serious, if a little timid.

The stack of patient files in the "Waiting" rack is so thick that she's had to pile some on the chair next to her.

You get up to use the restroom and your seat is taken before you finish flushing.

You have a cold and only brought four tissues with you, and you've used them all up.

There are no magazines here, but the colorful pamphlet entitled, "What is Hepatitis C?" (in both English and Spanish) has made its way through most of the other patients' hands.

One woman reads the entire thing while muttering to herself out loud.

Your consultation time with your doctor winds up being 2 hours and 7 minutes shorter than the time you spent waiting to see him.


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