Wednesday, April 30, 2008

With the pigeons

I am on the roof deck of my building, eating lunch on a working-from-home day. It's gorgeous today - cooler than last week, but sunny, and clear. (Although slightly overcast would mean I could see my computer screen better. (Midday overhead sun is not helping.) But I can get wireless up here! I'm on my work laptop, which hates my home network (something to do with the security settings - it connects but with limited connectivity and I'm too lazy to figure it out because I can easily connect to someone else's for free), but if I could access my own, I'd get excellent strength (which I will, on my personal laptop.)

I received many compliments on my apartment at and after the party. I know I am very happy with it, but it's still nice to know that others think it's great as well. We came up to the roof deck that night, too, but it was too cold. Still, you could see the lights of downtown Manhattan very clearly.

I am not getting much work done, but technically this is lunch time.


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