Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Back and away again

I got back home last night, and this morning am readying to jump on a plane for a two-day meeting in another city. (There goes that vague attempt at anonymity again.) I thought it would be tough to unpack and pack, but the harder part is switching my brain from family-farm-mode to business-traveler. I spent three days being jumped on by three and four year-olds, and now I need to put on heels and sit in a conference room for hours and hours in an unfamiliar chair and be alert and productive.

I spent my small window of back-in-Brooklyn time (thank you, Amtrak, for wasting an extra hour of my life for no discernible reason other than sitting on the track waiting for another train to pass by in the other direction, like, aren't these things worked out in the schedule ahead of time? And are the tracks really in such bad shape that two trains can't pass each other at normal speeds? And why did one of those other trains not sit and wait 1/2 hour for us - why was the time of our group of passengers dispensable?) getting a manicure so that I could feel slightly presentable today. And catching up on the TV stored in my DVR.

Now we'll see if Delta can get me to my destination and back without any trauma.


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