Saturday, May 31, 2008

Boring stuff

My new toilet seat is beautiful. Have I mentioned that? It was only $17.99 at Home Depot, and it's one by the same manufacturer as my toilet, so is exactly the right tone of white. (Because no matter what they say, whites are different enough that you notice when there is a perfect match and when it is slightly off.)

I have not had another accident/spill since the pickles last Saturday.

Fingers crossed.

Fingers uncrossed to type.

* * *

I spent some time on the roof deck in the last few days while working at home, although the visibility of the laptop screen is so poor I can't manage it for more than 45 minutes. In that time, though, I've managed to get some color on my arms (in the "farmer tan" pattern, since I had short sleeves) and my reverse freckles (white spots that don't gain color) are standing out. Next time I'll remember sunblock. Meanwhile, my neighbors continue to stretch out on deck chairs in their bathing suits, moving with the sun to even out their tan.

I mentioned to a friend that I am startled whenever people "lie out" in the sun that way these days (especially when not at a beach or by a pool), what with all the evidence about skin cancer. She said that now studies are saying that we went overboard and don't get enough vitamin D because we're always covered in SFP 30 or more. Even if that's true, I don't think it means we should stop any kind of protection and start broiling again, though. Happy medium anyone?

* * *

Remember I said that I never had the baby-urge? Okay, I'm starting to get the puppy-urge. (Clearly I am suffering from arrested development, as you are supposed to get that when you're in grade school, which means I'll be crying over other peoples' babies when I hit my late 50's.) This morning one of the news shows* had a segment on tips for traveling with your pets, and they had a series of dog "models" demonstrating the latest gear in pet carriers, harnesses, and even car booster seats. At the end they said that all the dogs were from the kennel and were available to adopt and the camera lingered on a little white terrier-type poking his sad little face through the top of a nylon carrier bag, and I thought I was going to cry right then and there.

* my continued reference to morning news shows means that - yay! - I'm being diligent at getting to the gym


Blogger Jerry said...

My toilet seat has the RAF symbol on the lid. Red, white and blue.

We are, we are, we are the Mods!

11:24 AM  

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