Saturday, May 03, 2008

In the road

I dreamed that I was on a bus and we were driving through a park, past an outdoor stage on which actors were lip syncing and acting out songs (I don't have the song in my head any more, but it was a real song, or it felt like a real song, in the dream.) We drove past and kept going along a winding dirt road down the side of a hill and near the bottom I saw that additional people in costume were lining the road, this time lying on the dirty ground in full-body, hooded leotards, with their arms and legs extended in dramatic directions. They didn't seem to hear us coming and from my window I could see that our bus, wider than most vehicles who must have passed them, was going to run over the splayed arm of a woman in a beige leotard covered with a fine layer of mountain dust. I tried to shout to her but she wasn't listening, it was if she, all of them, were deaf, and I watched as the bus tire came within centimeters of her arm and then she winced as we passed her and I looked out the back of the bus window and she had merely pulled back her arm to another angle closer to her body but had not stood up, as none of the actors had stood up, but were still lying there in the dirt road, pretending to be - what exactly?


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