Monday, May 26, 2008

Second - or Third?

A few months ago we had a presentation at work on business possibilities related to "Second Life" and other similar worlds. Immediately after I joined "Second Life," created my avatar, and proceeded to get stuck on Orientation Island. So I gave up and forgot about it.

This weekend the icon on my desktop caught my eye so I went back only to discover an upgrade in the program that, when loaded, completely changed my experience. Apparently there were required tutorials that I never knew existed, but once I completed them, I was awarded my "passport" off Orientation Island and was free to go wherever I pleased.

Of course I have no idea where to go.

I'm experimenting a bit, but now have run into another problem. Twice while "teleporting" to another location my wireless router has shut down. This has never happened during normal internet use. I've had to exit "Second Life" and reboot my router.

I guess I need to wait for another software release?


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