Thursday, May 22, 2008

things can't go on perfectly forever

My toilet has been somewhat slow at refilling after flushing, and sometimes doesn't have the power to, er, fully empty the bowl on the first flush. I chalked it up to a water-saver effort. Today, though, it just wouldn't flush. I opened up the lid on the tank and it appears to be barely filling at all. So I tried filling it with a bucket of water and all kinds of stupid things that really don't do anything but make me feel like I'm doing something. Then I lifted the top of the tank back up to replace it and dropped it, smack, on the toilet seat.

Luckily, the tank top didn't break, but the toilet seat (more easily replaceable) did. The top half cracked right off near the hinge.

So now I need a plumber not just to figure out why my toilet doesn't want to flush, but to replace the seat (although chances are I could manage that on my own.) I don't want to deal with this right before a holiday weekend. Not to mention that today is a super busy day at work, I'm now running late (or outright missing) going to the gym, I have my writing group tonight and a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning and a trip upstate tomorrow night.



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