Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Night before my big event, I take a sleep-aid and am totally fine. Wake up fully rested, raring to go. A long and tiring day later, I figure I'll pass out and sleep like a log, and no, up for an hour and a half at two am, and again at 4:30, barely asleep before alarm buzzes at 5:15.

Today is day two of my event and I am crawling into it exhausted.

I am flailing.

But fortunately, not failing. So far, all feedback has been extremely positive. Spent most of yesterday maneuvering between congrats and kudos. (Hosting an event where the attendees are mostly event planners themselves has its perks; they, of anyone, understand what hell you go through behind the scenes.)

On a lark I bought a 4 pack of Red Bull over the weekend. (Since I've begun to blatantly ignore giving up caffeine, why not go full hog? Er, full bull?) The sugar free kind. I don't know what I was expecting, but it's very strange. Maybe the regular is better? Today I succumb to two cans thinking it will make up for little sleep last night.

This can't end well.


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