Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy weekend

Ha. I managed so sleep later today, until 8:30, and was surprised when I got up and heard loud music coming from upstairs and loud conversations from below my window. I usually would be at the gym, so it usually doesn't matter to me how noisy my neighbors are on a Saturday morning. When I am up at 6:30 or 7, I hear nothing. Being on others' schedules is odd.

I made it through the week and now have a semi-sane weekend before Monday, when the big event I've been focused on kicks off. I will need to keep constant vigilance over my work email today and tomorrow, which is not easy for me, as I prefer to compartmentalize my work and personal life. This does not make me unique, of course; but I work with many people who seem to easily meld the two. But because of all the pieces I've lined up for the event next week, I have to be diligent and focused on any potential curve balls that are thrown my way. Plus I have about 2 hours of work to do. I think I'll wait until Sunday.

I have a couple of movies I really want to see.


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