Saturday, June 07, 2008

Now I am just pissed

When I first moved in, an Amazon delivery by UPS went missing. I chalked it up to confusion over my living here, but never did find it - Amazon immediately just sent me another, no charge. I've received packages successfully since. A few weeks ago neighbors had a note up in the lobby that a package - a wedding gift - had also gone missing. They seemed pretty sure that it was stolen, as their note contained promises that all legal actions were being taken to track down who had signed for the package. The note disappeared shortly after, although whether or not the issue was resolved, I don't know.

You know where this is going, right? I had an ebay item sent to me yesterday: a glass cover for my aquarium, because Petco was out of the size I needed. The seller sent me the UPS tracking so I could follow it, and I saw that it was scheduled for yesterday. Cool, since I would be home in the afternoon, post-park. Not here when I got home. Not here when I went in and out for laundry. Not here when I went down after dinner to bring out trash. But this morning, seeing the UPS email in my inbox, I checked, and lo and behold, it was delivered at 1 pm. Signed by "Front Door" who seems to do a lot of signing (he got my Amazon box too) for someone without hands.

I just dressed and wend downstairs to confirm I didn't overlook it. I left a note (although because of who I am, it's a very different note, all "if you happen to know" and "please let me know" and not "since I imagine you won't have much use for a cover for a 10 gallon aquarium, please bring it back" or the more direct, "who the fuck is stealing stuff around here?")

There is a camera aimed at the lobby. I wonder if it is active. Where does it go? Are there tapes?


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