Sunday, June 29, 2008

Under the thunder

It seems like the last month or so, every weekend has been interrupted by thunderstorms. Sudden, loud, heavy rain, flashes of lightning, grumbling thunder. Yesterday I was caught in one just walking out my front door to a car waiting out front, and even with an umbrella I was soaked.

My weekend was broken in two by a trip upstate to babysit family kids. Somehow I managed to get a great deal done before I left yesterday, and I came home early afternoon today and found myself remarkably productive. Granted, I've not showered or gone to the gym or eaten a reasonable meal, but I've scanned photos I've meant to for ages, re-potted some plants (including an orchid I bought at Ikea yesterday - more on that later), and bought the correct mounting tape to hang a light under my kitchen counter (after more than a month of owing said light.)

Now I sit in my bedroom, having turned off the air conditioner in favor of having the rain-soaked wind blow into my window. It's a bit cooler, but not tremendously. I managed to wander outside between bursts of rain and buy my mounting tape and potting soil, and so feel safe and dry.

Ikea Brooklyn opened up last weekend. It's only a 15 minute bus ride from me. both by a city bus that's two blocks from my apartment, and a free Ikea shuttle that's more of a 10 minute walk. I went yesterday and as I expected, bought some great cheap things and still spent $50. I am not as interested in their furniture (I have most of the furniture I need, and anything else I may want in the future I want to invest more in than Ikea quality), but I go crazy in their marketplace. I see a set of three paring knives for $3.99 and my mind races, wondering who I can give them to. (I managed to put them back, figuring I live this close, I can plan a more focused gift-shopping spree any time.) For my $50 I purchased: the orchid, a hanging shoe bag with two drawers, a cloth children's book with removable stuffed pieces, a plastic colander, and a lightweight cotton throw. Oh, and a reusable Ikea shopping bag.

(I went into Trader Joe's last week with my Whole Foods shopping bag and the cashier jokingly gave my a hard time. He also told me that the Brooklyn Trader Joe's is supposed to open "fall or winter." Not very encouraging.)


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