Sunday, July 27, 2008


Still haven't finished "Twilight." I am smack in the middle of the excited dash to the final action-packed chapters, close enough that I can almost draft the ending myself. But here's a point of note: when I'm at this point in a Harry Potter novel, I race to the finish, knowing I'm skimming too fast and missing fully enjoying the book, but I have to get to the end to know what happens. I feel like, in this book, I know what happens, and not because I know the basic plot lines of the sequel installments. (Well, only barely because I do.) There will be a fight. The heroine will be saved. Her vampire suitor will not die, but something will happen to cause him to "sacrifice" his love for her in order to "save" her. And she'll return to her "normal" life, knowing she will never be the same.

Don't tell me if I'm right; I have 90 pages to go and I can't promise I'll finish this weekend.

I think there are some real inconsistencies in this book, though. Possibly there will be an answer by the end that will illuminate this for me, but there is a major character contradiction in the earlier chapters. In one, Bella, the teenage girl heroine, is in a car accident and is taken to the emergency room. There she sees the driver of the car that hit her, with his head in "blood-stained bandages." She watches from a nearby examining table as nurses remove his bandages and she sees "slices" across his forehead and cheek. Ok.

But then, just a chapter or so later, she is in biology class and the teacher announces they will be learning about blood types, and she has a major breakdown and passes out because she gets sick at the sight, smell, or even thought of blood.


Is it possible that thousands/millions of readers have read this and not felt something was terribly wrong? The only thing I can hope for is that there is an explanation coming. We'll see.


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