Monday, July 07, 2008

Morning, when she comes

I know I've been ignoring this when I attempt to post and it asks for my password. It's not intentional avoidance, though; it's either that I'm away and unable to post or I'm here and there is nothing to say. Sometimes my days just seem like annoying repeats of each other, moving steadily forward toward a goal (a day off? a vacation?) that never quite lives up to its promise and then it's over.

Yes, back to work today after an extra-long weekend. The entirety of which was spent with family, not completely relaxing. Not that I can't relax with family, but sometimes circumstances (oh, the convoluted speak of the ever-paranoid) dictate otherwise.

Arrived home last night and now am readying to taxi to the airport for a shuttle to Boston. Of course I've been up for hours, and barely slept most of the night. It happens so often lately that I can somehow function almost normally. This weekend I had a few mornings when I slept late and long (thanks to sleep aids, quiet country nights, and lack of a defined schedule), but felt foggy most of the morning.

Now I am only powered by iced herbal tea and a Clif bar and feel ready to get dressed and skip out the door to catch a cab.


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