Monday, July 28, 2008

No more "Twilight"

I was completely wrong about how "Twilight" ends.

  1. First of all, the big climactic fight scene between "good" and "evil?" Happens while our narrator heroine is unconscious, so it's told to her (and us) in dialog. Does that mean in the upcoming movie, they won't bother to film it, but merely refer to it in an epilogue that runs across the screen in text? Because that's the equivalent of how this was written.
  2. The inconsistencies regarding Belle's reaction to blood are never explained (although she does get queasy again at the smell, so I guess once the author decided it was true, it was true, previous chapters be damned.)
  3. The "hero" vampire does not sacrifice himself for Belle by leaving her so that she will be safe. Maybe that's too depressing/scary/hopeless for pre-teenage girls. I won't attempt to fathom the reasoning, because instead we are left with this: the girl and her vampire boyfriend Edward are together, and arguing (lightheartedly) over whether he should kill her and make her a vampire so that they can be together forever. (She's for, he's against.)

I guess I could accept it if the book were better written, but it's pretty lame. Interestingly, the reviews I've read online are clearly divided by those who hate it because it's poorly written and the heroine is a simpering weak-willed fool, and those who swoon over Edward. So the question is, can anyone think this book is well-written if they are not in love with its "hero?"

One thing that reading this book has made me want to do is write the good version of this story. With a well-rounded heroine who's actually tormented by her emotions, not unwitting slave to them, and a vampire who is seductive not because he's drop-dead gorgeous but because he's mysterious and intelligent and intrigues her. Maybe I will (although I'm sure it's been done.)


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