Wednesday, July 02, 2008

On location

Yesterday morning they were setting up for a film shoot on my block. The corner bar was covering its outdoor tables with white cloths and glassware as I went to work. The "No Parking" signs, which always list the production company, and every now and then the production name, just said a film company, so I had no clue what it was about.

When I came home, the action had shifted onto my street, to the stoop of a neighboring brownstone. Nothing special about it, just an ordinary brownstone (there are prettier ones on the block), but I assume that's what they were going for. Or the light was better. (Although there was one of those massive eight foot lights towering along the curb.) I had to pass a couple of times as I ran errands, and on my last trudge by, there was the Geico caveman sitting on the stoop (looking very orange in his makeup.)

I thought they'd canceled his tv show. Didn't it get the worst ratings of the entire (albeit shortened) season? Maybe they are resurrecting him as the commercial spokesman? A young kid dallying on his bike nearby told a woman in front of me that it was a "commercial" so maybe that is the case.

I don't know that I would call this a "celebrity sighting" but I probably will pause the commercial when it comes on to see what I recognize.

On a semi-related note, during my pitiful viewing of "Chuck and Larry" last week, I saw that they'd actually filmed a scene in one of the trendy clothing shops around the corner. I guess that was one of the shoots that I never was able to identify. Although, admittedly, the outside was the storefront (I paused and slo-mo'd repeatedly as the camera swept across the street and caught some passers-by but recognized no one; probably all extras), the inside of the store could have been shot elsewhere, even though it looked authentic. Best part? Dave Matthews, he of the Dave Matthews Band, played the salesman.

Yeah, so I'm geeky enough to be more impressed that Dave Matthews was a block away from me once than that Adam Sandler was. What can I say?


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