Monday, August 11, 2008

I finished "In the Woods"

And, I don't know...
  • maybe I rushed too quickly near the end?
  • maybe I let the knowledge that it was ending, and that I was being forced to let go of it, color my response to its ending?
  • maybe I simply wanted a different ending? (of course that happens, especially with mysteries)
Don't get me wrong. I think it is a great read, and a well-written book. But somewhere around the point where the narrator loses his shit, it fell from a book I was in love with to a book I was enjoying reading. Clearly, the narrator's voice can make or break your reading experience, so maybe it was that shift in tone that shifted my perception of it.

I still really liked it, only not as much as I did in the first half. I still read the last line and flipped the page to find the publisher had included the first chapter of Tana French's second novel (now out in paperback, and narrated by one of the other main characters in this one) and of course I devoured it. I am in the process of reminding myself of how many other books I have yet to read - and how, by the time I finish with them, her second novel will be out in paperback. I can wait.

Or go to the library!


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