Monday, August 04, 2008

my current lame pet peeve

Along the West Side Highway by my office, there is construction, which necessitates closing off parts of the roadway as well as the pedestrian/bike lanes. Since the latter are forced to share a narrow walkway, there are big fluorescent orange signs at either end of the affected section: "Bicyclists MUST dismount and walk their bikes."

Number of times I have seen a cyclist walking his or her bike in said area? 0.
Number of times I have been nearly struck down by a cyclist whooshing past me from behind? 312.

The problem is I get aggravated about it every single evening on the way home. It's a little thing and I shouldn't care, but sometimes at the end of a really tiring day I'll call "asshole" in the general direction of the person who just missed slamming into me by inches.

* * *

My "f" key appears to be sticking. I am stumbling over every "of" I type. I type "of" many, many times.


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