Friday, August 15, 2008


Dannon's Light & Fit fat free yogurts have gone from 60 calories to 80 calories per container, each of which proclaims a "great new taste." Wow, I was perfectly happy with the old taste. What is different? I emailed them and am waiting for a response.

Twenty calories may sound like nothing, but it adds up if you have one a day (as I do), and if it's the "fructose" listed in their ingredients label, then no, thank you. See, here's the thing: although I pretend to be this healthy organic foods eater, I have a hidden dark secret, and that is artificial sweetener. Okay, so not so hidden - I am an out Diet Coke addict - but I have long rejected Stonyfield yogurt because its fat free version has twice as many calories as Dannon's, all because it doesn't rely on artificial sweeteners for taste.

So I sit here contemplating "punishing" Dannon for changing their recipes by switching brands, even though the alternate choice will result in an additional 420 calories a week. Is that smart? Is it smarter to continue my reliance on a chemical substance which almost everyone agrees is not good for you? (Latest report that has stuck with me is that cutting out artificial sweeteners can lessen the chance of diabetes for those, like me, who are genetically pre-disposed.)

Good thing is that now an apple will have fewer calories than a yogurt, so fresh fruit is always an option. Just need to replace the protein...



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