Tuesday, September 02, 2008


I realize I am falling into the trap of hypocrisy by suggesting that a woman who hasn't had great success at managing her family would not be able to manage the country. Hypocritcal since I was one who claimed that a man's inability to keep it in his pants didn't mean he lacked the judgment to be president. I admit, it's hypocritical to believe one over the other. If our private lives are our private lives, then let it be. So I agree with the issue shouldn't be how a child's problems reflect on a parent's character, but on how a vice presidential choice reflects on the presidential candidate who chose her.

But let's just go back a couple of days, on the weekend, before any of the crazy came out. I am with a friend, and although I generally skirt any discussion of politics with people I can't 100% read, I mention the VP candidate because it seems like easy conversation, something both of us (she, a staunch Hillary backer and I, the friend she has assumed is the same, because she's never flat-out asked me, and that's what you get when you assume) can share a few light-hearted words over.

But, no.

My friend quickly downplays the Alaskan's conservative reputation, tossing out a factoid about some liberal legislation she's supported (which I've yet to find evidence of anywhere, so can't comment on yet.) My friend, you see, is trying hard to build a case for herself to vote against the Democrats this fall for one simple reason: they are not Hillary. Hillary, she says, deserves to be president, she's always dreamed of being president, and the only way she's going to be able to realize that dream is for us to not let Obama into the White House for 8 years, because then she can't come back in 4 and battle him. She needs the Republican to win so she can, while she's still viable, have another shot. So all we need to do is grit our teeth for four years, because it's all for the best in the long run. Or all for Hillary. Same thing, right?

I knew I couldn't adequately respond to that without destroying our friendship, right there, in the middle of a busy restaurant. (Been there, done that.) But it wasn't easy to sit, listen to this odd logic, and not want to laugh. Or scream.

There was more, about how the Democratic party is damaged beyond repair, and how winning this election now will only destroy it further (only Hillary can really save it! Let it self-destruct until she can be the one to do so!) Enough that I began to question my friend's sanity, and mine, for not responding.

Funny how people used to joke (still do?) about how obsessive Obama supporters were, how cult-ish.


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