Monday, September 01, 2008

The House Bunny

I am procrastinating working on a short story, because I've written myself into a corner. There is no place to go and I don't know how far back to go to correct my course. But I have to submit it to the writing group tomorrow so I don't have much time to play around with it.

I had five days off and only saw one movie. I've seen most of what I wanted to see, though. Yesterday I took a brain-break and saw "The House Bunny," a mindlessly lighthearted comedy in the vein of "Legally Blonde." (I actually think there is a third film that needs to be made to complete the trifecta: in "Legally Blonde" we have a sorority girl who uses her unique perspective to take on law school, and in "The House Bunny" we have a Playboy bunny who uses her unique perspective to take on rejuvenating a sorority. Next up has to be a lawyer who uses her unique perspective to take on the soft porn industry.)

Okay, it was pure fun, and definitely funny, mostly because Anna Faris is just hilarious. She deserves a bigger comedy career, and hopefully this movie will catapult her into bigger roles. She should have the career that Kate Hudson stumbled upon.

And with that, back to the looming dark cloud of my short story revision. Sigh.


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