Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ooops, never posted, from Sunday

I had a few hours this afternoon that should have been devoted to work, or at least to writing, and I gave them to myself for a movie. "Burn After Reading," the new Coen brothers film with the parade of stars. Filmed partially in Brooklyn Heights - a Brooklyn Heights standing in, apparently, for Georgetown in DC.

The movie is getting fairly uniformly panned, and while it's not my favorite Coen brothers comedy, (I'm of the "Raising Arizona" fan base, with a good helping of "The Big Lebowski" - although not to the extent of those who have created a cult for the latter), I enjoyed it. It has a bit of "Fargo" thrown in (excess violence spinning the movie into another direction, seemingly just for the sake of plot) and a not unwatchable jaunt by George Clooney as a hapless playboy. And Tilda Swinton might be wearing mascara! At least her eyelashes are somewhat visible, which almost makes it up to me for her other roles (and real life appearances) where she looks like an alien. (I'm cruel, I know. But I do think that Tilda's character is one of the best in the film.)

But, why do John Malkovich's teeth look like they are too big for his mouth? Has he always looked that way, or is it a character choice? Maybe as he ages his face is shrinking around his teeth.


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