Monday, September 01, 2008

Role models

I just went to (still procrastinating, shut up) to check on the hurricane status and saw the headline news: the vp candidate's teenage daughter is pregnant. Seriously. The woman is younger than me and about to become a grandmother. She's a strict right-to-lifer who apparently wasn't able to teach her child about birth control - or even abstinence, if that's what those people prefer their kids to follow. Either way, she failed. Did she learn parenting skills from the Spears mom? Hopefully this sinks the whole candidacy, because really, it's crazy. Remember when Dan Quayle thought that the unmarried (and fictional) Murphy Brown was a bad role model? How about an underage pregnant girl in the White House? What progress we've made.


Blogger Jerry said...

Ah... But she's a politician. No sense (or is that nonsense?) and express it very loudly.

My good lady reckons that McCain only chose her to mop up the wavering Hillary vote. Obviously they will vote for anybody who is a woman. (Not my opinion, by the way.)

12:12 PM  

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