Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Andy Rooney is an idiot

I know this isn't news. And normally I would not have any occasion to judge him, generally avoiding any exposure to his insipid old-man whining. But now that "The Amazing Race" is stuck on Sunday nights after "60 Minutes," which itself comes on only after a football game ends, it's a constant game of checking in to see how far the schedule has been pushed back this week because of the game. (Seriously, why don't networks just admit that a football game will always run 25 minutes into the next show's time slot, and schedule their line-up appropriately? Don't they know how long football games last by now?) So invariably I wind up landing on Andy Rooney's segment as I'm flipping back and forth, and leave it on, secure in the knowledge that "TAR" will shortly start.

Problem is, of course, that means Andy Rooney is on my TV. A few weeks ago we had him bothering commuters in Manhattan, stopping them on the streets to ask what they carried in their "big bags" and then expressing disbelief that the reading material almost everyone seemed to carry wasn't being read "on the clock." Despite several of his victims explaining how they read during their commute, he fixated on the idea that their companies are losing productivity while their overpaid staff curl up in a corner cubicles with the latest Nicholas Sparks. It's clear Rooney has never ridden a train or a bus. Or worked in an office.

But a bigger offense was this past Sunday when he tried to wrap his mind around the financial crisis. He went for big laughs by whining, "What's an AIG and why should I care about it?" Maybe not in those exact words, mind you, but along those lines. Considering that AIG is the largest insurance company in the world, it just makes him look like an ill-informed idiot. Even if he wasn't sure what AIG was before it hit the major headlines (is it one of those companies who pays me to be old?) he should have figured it out by now. Look it up in a book or something.

Note to self: Leave the TV on mute until it's successfully segued from "60 Minutes" closing credits to the delicious Phil announcing "Last time, on The Amazing Race..."


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