Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dream #871.

I had a familiar dream last night, one in which I am living in a huge apartment with rooms I keep forgetting I have. In this dream, I was planning a party, and for some reason, had been given a budget from my job to hire caterers, even though it was a party of my own, in my own place. The apartment was, as often in my dreams, in a strange complex on the side of a mountain with connected buildings and large outdoor common areas set into the cliffs with natural water pools and winding walkways and gardens. Right next to my apartment, across one of these courtyards, was a gift shop and a diner, which was filled with people ordering brunch, but I had to get back to prepare for my party. But when I arrived back, the caterers were all panicky because my kitchen ceiling was pouring water from an upstairs leak, so I called my upstairs neighbors but they wouldn't answer, and the caterers had to relocate all of the food onto the balcony and I just hoped that the upstairs neighbors would show up at my party so I could show them the damage.


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