Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I have been around parents of young children enough to know that transition times are often difficult for kids to handle, whether it's moving from one activity to another, from one location to another, or from playtime to bedtime. I think we resist them as adults, also, or at least I do. My stress at being away destroyed the first night's sleep, but gradually I fell into the groove of being there, and stopped counting the hours until I returned. Then, slipping onto the train home, I felt it again: not so much a reborn level of stress, but a feeling of unmoored panic as I tried to reconfigure myself to fit my old, other, usual, normal, real life.

But I did, and two days later, I'm here, settled, home. Anticipating the next transition as I am forced to move from vacationing me to back-to-work me.


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