Monday, January 05, 2009

Starting on Monday

When I started this, I found a couple of others who were starting their blogs at about the same time, people of similar age although living different lives than me. Now, I am the only one who remains, the others having pretty much said "farewell." It causes me to wonder why I am still here, and to wonder if for me, too, it's time to sign off. Maybe.

Today is back-to-work day after a two week break, one shared by much of the population I am part of, judging by the behavior of neighborhood shoppers last night and the number of "oh, god, my vacation is over" updates on facebook this morning. I am insane to admit I am ready to go back, that I almost miss the routine of work. I didn't just sit around for two weeks, but in the last several days I pretty much did, and it started to feel a little like the end of my unemployed days - loose ends, inability to focus, general feeling of boredom.

Don't worry, I'm sure by lunch time I'll be stressed and ready to come home again.


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