Saturday, February 21, 2009

History of Oscar

Two years ago I tried to have an Oscar party and tried to control the number of attendees to fit into my old apartment's smaller living room. But as the night approached, guests who were tentative became solidly "no." Snow appeared in the forecast, and others ran for the hills. On the night in question, one simply didn't show, and I was left alone with one couple.

Last year I'd just moved into this place, and I cleared enough room around the boxes for two of us to sit and watch.

This year I invited more, imagining the number would naturally dwindle to an optimal one, but as of today (the day before), I have 14 people coming. It will be crowded, but it might work. I made 12 silly little gift bags (when the count was at 11) and feel like I am obligated to make more, but in my heart I know I won't need them. I know somebody is going to cancel or just not show up, but I don't know who.

I plan events for a living, you'd think that I'd have this down by now.

Today the plan is to finish shopping for food items and do the bulk of my cleaning. Tomorrow, to cook.


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