Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday, Ruby Tuesday

No jury duty! After one morning of filling out a questionnaire, and two weeks of calling every night, they never got up to my juror number, and "the jury has been selected." I'm not disappointed. Someday maybe I'll get on a really cool interesting trial, but this wasn't the right time for it, for me.

Meanwhile, I bought a guitar. Can you tell by the delicate way my fingers dance along the keys? Yes, the fingers on my left hand are a bit sore, a bit pre-callous. I'm having fun though. I learned to tune it correctly, and how to replace a broken string. (Yes, those two are related - note that when your piano tuner tells you that your entire piano is a half note off, you really should remember that when attempting to tune your guitar to the keys of said piano.) In two days I've learned 11 notes and 4 chords (sorta - the chords were the last lesson last night and I'm pretty sure I couldn't duplicate them now without cheating.)

Am I on some kind of middle-aged self improvement odyssey? I also want to learn Italian. (I have taken two lessons on Rosetta Stone; the impetus is to communicate somewhat with the Italian maybe-relatives who I've found on Facebook.) I am starting a new writing workshop in a couple of weeks - a live one, with a paid instructor and a group of other writers I've never met.

Meanwhile, I should be happy I still have a job, right? I have friends and close colleagues who have been laid off (the axe, when it fell, was close enough that I could hear its whistle.) But I'm busy, it seems that I'm relatively "safe" (I'm pretty sure I could survive one more round, but can't think beyond that) and I got a big tax refund, of which I feel the urge to spend just a tiny bit on myself.

I think I'm going to walk in over the bridge today.


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