Friday, June 05, 2009

Decisions, decisions

One of those soggy gray mornings which are best survived by sleeping late. I am wavering between two obligations: 1) my company's annual volunteer day, for which I signed up to "beautify" a city park and 2) my health, which still is plagued by the last gasps of chest congestion. It's lightly raining. I should not be wandering around outdoors, but the event will not be canceled unless there is thunder and lightning. Sounds like an easy choice, but another part of me suspects I am magnifying my cough's lingering because I simply am not in the mood to go.

I must decide, though, within minutes.

It's a weekday, but one in which all work colleagues should be doing similar community activities, which means that it should be a quiet day. Little work is expected, so even if I stay here and fully indulge my laziness, I could, well, fully indulge.

Sometimes I have a really hard time making a decision. Usually it's something like this, where I know what the right thing to do is, and yet, know that I prefer the other. But, hey, do I really want to regress and be sick again?

If I don't go, I will instead go to the gym.


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