Thursday, June 11, 2009

When the pigeons wake

I left you with a cliffhanger of "Weeds" proportions. (Seriously, that show has the most infuriating season finales - and the most exciting first episodes. Invariably, the season premiere takes place minutes after the previous season's ender, which is fun, although it is a little jarring when one of the younger characters appears to age 10 months during what is, in the show's reality, a five minute break.) Anyway, the gas company showed up at 8:30 pm. In the pouring rain. Double-parked out front, with their emergency lights flashing in the dark. Which, naturally, caused one of my neighbors great concern.


Meanwhile... I am up early again for a client breakfast event. Listening to the birds and pigeons greeting the rising sun. Yes, I know, pigeons are birds. It's hard to think of them as anything but rats with wings though. Apparently, I am not the only person they have been driving mad here, as recently part of the alley outside my living room windows (a section which is walled in on all four sides by the two buildings) was topped with large black netting, which seems to be successful in keeping them out. The other section has an open end so it's not as easy to block, and it is here that they have now chosen to congregate. Someone tried wind chimes again, hanging from one of the wires that crosses the opening, but the six pigeons perched next to it as it sang out proved that ineffective.

Now I will often hear a very low, repetitive moaning, seemingly very close but not from a pigeon on any of my window sills. It's as annoying as snoring, yet more plaintive - more like an old man in pain. I need to record it sometime, so people understand how horrible it really is.

Too much brain time on pigeons.


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